A Bit Part

Thomas J. Bellezza
• A Bit Part

“But you were background.” Yeah, it was a bit of a bit part. And you know what? That’s the point. I was doing one more thing greater than a person who wished they could be in this business. Being an entertainer is bit part after bit part. Because we are never truly satisfied with just enough. Anyone action is more than zero effort with working background on a TV show, movie, playing guitar on a small stage in front of ten people, or even telling jokes to less than a few laughing future fans. These are all successful moments in an entertainer’s life. Doing what they love, and living within the field of their interest. A bit part, but a big part forward. But what is the point of doing little things?

Starting at the bottom is an accomplishment greater than never starting at all. All those dreamers sitting at home wishing they could try and fail. That’s it though, trying to fail is important. I would rather work hard at failing in life than be fearful that I would fail and never have tried. What is important about being an entertainer? To be. To move people. To live truthfully within imaginary circumstances. As I worked background on Gotham, then in the same week, The Blacklist I saw my efforts of Networking, Marketing, and Practicing working. That’s the point of trying to fail. To get on set and meet people over and over again. Being seen to market my brand. And, most importantly, to practice my craft of “what is the back-story to this character”.

Moments like that seem silly. But to me, to a person working hard in this traveling adventure, it is that moment of thought “What is the back-story to this character” that drives me. Working on little moments so I am quick to work on big moments. Because I will be further along this time next year. So why not practice failing small jobs so I can know how to do big jobs! Networking helped me get an upgrade to Stand-in on The Blacklist this week. I made friends quickly, got P.A’s to laugh, and one thing led to another. “Thomas, have you ever done Stand-In work?” YES. And there I was standing in for David, “Warriors come out and play” Patrick Kelly. Man stood 5’6 but they asked and I said yes. Ah, love this life! Learn to fail. You’ll be great!

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7 thoughts on “A Bit Part

  1. Reblogged this on Katrina Perkins and commented:
    The real judgement free zone: working in a field you Enjoy, regardless of “quality”. Progress is proof of quality. Where were you last year; closer, more often to where you truly want to be next year? Or doing the same old unhappy rut, wishing for more. Do!!

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  2. Doesn’t matter the part in life – try – succeed or fail – you tried. I am working hard on living that life. Because of those small efforts, I am now a published writer, not paid well, but paid and well for the experiences.

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