Carefree in a care free world

Thomas J Bellezza

• Carefree in a care free world

Let it slide off like water on a duck’s back. Swim through life listening to sounds of lake water moving peacefully around. Webbed feet paddling underneath, just below the water. Oh, the joy of being a duck. How often do people go around bothering ducks? I mean, people go out of their way to feed ducks at local park ponds. Sometimes, even chase ducks for fun. Follow them running ‘quack, quack’. We have songs about ducks. Ducks are so much fun, and cute, all the time. They taste good too, but I’m going to keep it positive.

Life is fragile. So many people care so deeply about everyone else, that they group together to attack individuals doing their own thing. Dressing like Goths, running around with pants hanging down, or reading a book 24/7. These people have their lives; let them live it. Why care about what they are doing. Most of all, why care about what other people think of you. This is your life, live it truthfully. Be a duck, beautiful and floating on by doing what you do. Obviously don’t hurt each other. Be nice to one another, please.

In general, people don’t care about you. They care just enough to bust your hump, or attack you for doing you. But they don’t care. They care about themselves. Oddly, they care about how you think of them. It’s one big paradox really. Though, there are a small group of people out there that march to their own drum. And no, I am not talking about Charles Manson. I am talking about Steve Jobs, Robin Williams, Albert Einstein; as a small example, these people changed this world in a way that was influencing us.

Influencing us because we cared enough to see what they were doing. To be a part of their personal revolution in life. They didn’t care what we thought of them. If we believed in their goals. They moved, hoping to inspire, and thus became a life that was influential. We should want to encourage life, not confine it to fear so people won’t take chances. Live beyond who said what or why are they wearing that. Be your own light, be your sense of direction. Once in a while we need a rock thrown in water to ripple it in a positive direction.

Be the change you want to see in the world!

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