Straight Man in a Queer World

Straight Man in a Queer World• Straight Man in a Queer World

I’m known as an unconventional doer. An outside the box kind of tinkerer. My methods are always questionable from any first encounter with new people. My philosophy is “Why listen to a NO when you can turn it into a YES!” Truth of the matter is, most NO’s are the beginning of a conversation. To me, a no is beautiful. It motivates me. A no could come in different forms as well. “You are not good enough”, “That will never work”, “This is the way it is done.” Well, how about “There are no walls, only solutions”!? Make your path happen by being proactive. That’s my secret. All Nos in my life are really hiding under a soon to be Yes.

Through maintaining a plan I have accomplished a lot in my time, as short as it has been. When you look at action in life there are two ways about it; This way or that way. I like it both ways. Become the water, as Bruce Lee once said. Take the best things from every aspect of success and focus it into one big pile of “Can Do” actionable attitude. When I am told I am doing things outside the box, I realize it is true because most people put themselves into this majority box of tasks. They live by an uneducated way of life encompassed by “This is how it’s done”. This knowledge is past down from one person doing it incorrectly to the next. How can insanity be fixed if you are listening to insane teachers?

If you can’t except that there is a better way than your “10 years doing it the same way but have yet to get anywhere while working your dead-end day job, which you hate, but the hell with it, I’ll be discovered if I keep at it this way” why not stop what you’re doing and say to yourself “Maybe there is something I can learn”. First, definitely say that out loud and believing it. Next, learn from the best. Study people who have become successful and follow their path with alterations based on your personal life. Finally, there is no short cut. You want the long dollar to life. Your career is based on hard work, not quick shots. 15 minutes of fame is not all it’s cracked up to be.

“The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.” ~ Bruce Lee

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