Day 365 of 365

Top of the bottom pile
• Day 365 of 365

And so it is here, our 1 year anniversary for Top of the Bottom Pile! 365 days have come to us through a long, but fun, journey. Where are we now in comparison to 365 days ago!? Oh the stories we can tell you. An idea to gather a few comedians and work as a business was our goal. Step one was accomplished. Next, we designed a Brand to market and get into the public eye. Top of the Bottom Pile was born. Finally, but still far from least, we set out to network with everyone and anything. Including signs, light post and garbage cans. Of course on occasion any person we met had more to say than signs, light posts and one garbage can.

Us three monkeys are pushing forward into a second year of possibilities. With a tour being finalized, and some other interesting things in the works, Top of the Bottom Pile came around to make our goals a success. Work together beyond being associated with one another. There is more in working as a team than just being a name among names. Each member has a strong value about them. A skill that helps push Top to the next level. Those involved on Top benefit from each person putting in hard work. I am proud to be among the few willing to work as hard as we all do. These guys took a chance on an idea that was lost on arrogance, jadedness and tunnel vision of others.

365 days, man, that time went and gone. Yet, we all continue to move forward. Look back at your own year. What did you want to accomplish, and what have you accomplished? These are questions you should be asking yourself. Can you change the outcome of your life? What about the life’s of others? Just because you are one person doing comedy, doesn’t mean you have no friends. Our motto; Support the supporters! So much more can change in this business if so many of us stand together. Are you good enough to be the best of the worst? Do you want people to look at you and be their second best choice? There is a beautiful place awaiting us all on the Top Of The Bottom Pile!!!

Make A Right Left Here (My official page website)
BBR Productions Inc. (Direct company link)
Top Of The Bottom Pile (Comedy Tour I Am On)

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