The few Devils we see

Thomas J Bellezza
• The few Devils we see

There is an old biblical saying “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn’t exist…” How powerful of a statement? What if we look at it bit by bit? Imagine what power Lucifer would have if he could truly get us all to believe he doesn’t exist? Then he could come and go as he sees fit. Having power over all of us, while talking directly with us. That’s a lot of power to give anyone. Belial could be your friend; actions you make; family members; Cop; Lawyer (The Devil’s Advocate) is a great example. Now, to me, this is far from a religious thought. As religious as I am, I personally do not believe in the Devil. However…

This statement is truthful on multiple levels. Look at yourself as the Devil. Even your lack of actions as a Devil. Entertainers are really great at two things; A) Being filled with a deep Ego and B) Being the first to put themselves down to the point of not believing in themselves. That must be some battle inside a person. Thinking you are so amazing that people should just want your artistic expression, yet on occasion, that same artist of entertainment feels they could always do better. That, the work they are showing you isn’t good enough. Entertainers become their own Devil doing these two things. Pushing people away till they want nothing to do with us simply by thinking we are awesome, or have no faith in our ability is scary.

If you don’t believe in yourself than how can anyone else? Giving your surrounding world a gift to want nothing to do with you manifests with your attitude. I was once immersed in music entertainment. It was my life; I knew nothing else. Then I began seeing what it all was. In an art form designed for your ears, no one was listening to anyone but their own voice. No one cared about anything but themselves. I have an extremely deep, and painful, love/hate relationship with music now. Dealing with musicians, even any entertainer. It saddens me greatly when I am directly witness to an “Entertainer Ego”. The ideals these people have. We are in this together, yet so many people push others away. I want to know there is hope.

“Even the strong are defeated in a war of many when you are standing alone.” ~ Lord Telmorn Altayon

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5 thoughts on “The few Devils we see

  1. Hello Thomas 😀
    It’s been a while since I last commented.
    This is a really great post showing us the contrasts of personality …… tears of a clown comes to mind.
    So how are you ? Made your fame and fortune yet ?
    Ralph 😀


    • It has, and you’ve been missed Ralph! 🙂 Ah, the world of Fame and Fortune is slowly happening. Trying to recoup all I lost since The Rose Theater 😦 We almost came back, but the local Fire Marshalls and Town Hall gave us too big of a fight.

      Though, my entertainment career is still on the rise. Did a lot of good stuff, and I have a lot of good things in the works as we speak! 😀

      Peace in harmony, truth in action friend.
      ~ Thomas J. Bellezza


      • So pleased to hear that F & F are in sight Thomas.

        Sorry to hear about the Rose Theatre (I still have Katrina’s photo on display. No sign of her blogging for ages !).

        Go and wow them my friend. 😀


        • Yeah, it was a life long dream to have a venue for people to perform. Alas, I will have to wait a few years before I can do it again. One day, some day. 🙂

          Katrina continues to be super busy acting. So she’s not had the time to write as of late. I am sure you’ll see something sooner or later!

          We both miss you, and talk about you often. Your magnet is on the refrigerator. Hope your world is beautiful friend.


          • It is a shame it closed, Maybe someday it will work out and you will get the theatre you want.
            Wow ! That’s good news as well. Both you and Katrina deserve success. I hope she does post her news.
            Thank you so much Thomas. Ralph 😀

            Liked by 1 person

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