Face the faceless

Face the faceless
• Face the faceless

Entertainment comes with some pretty interesting people. They are even more interesting when they are on the bottom floor. The bottom floor, level, the beginning stages, however you see fit. I even consider people 10 years, or more, in entertainment, beginners if they are doing what I call the “Oh, you’re an entertainer too” face filled with discussed. Or to make it easier for everyone “Face the faceless” moment. These people who give you the face you “need” to see until then figure out they can’t sell you on them, so now you get the face of their true purpose. Which means, maybe they didn’t care in the first place and were making a fake face to get you interested. Truth be told, the truth works better than the sale.

Great example, I deal with entertainers all the time, and most of the time they don’t realize I am an entertainer myself. I approach these people, while they are “barking” for a show; (Barking is when you stand out side and ask every person passing if they will come to your show) and they give me their full attention. I listen, talk, and am engaged to what they are presenting. The moment they find out I am an entertainer they make a face and walk away. Another example would be when I talk with any entertainer hanging out near a club and they ignore you. As if “Who do I think I am?” We all start at the bottom, but sometimes these people forget they too are at the bottom.

The truth is, I get it. You need to bring in people to make money, or even more sad, to do a free show and make other people money. The worst idea is that some of these people look at you as competition and thus they give you the stink-face. I get it, I really do. It still saddens me, as everyone should be working together and supporting one another. I suppose if they could see how it works for an already successful group of people, then they might change their tune. The person you think can’t help you now might turn into the next person standing in your way for your “Big Break”. Look at Ted Alexandro, or Louis C.K. always working on projects with people they like… you know, friends they made in the business.

Be nice to everyone, you never know who someone is, or knows…

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