I hate, hate; but most of all, what the hell

Thomas J Bellezza
• I hate, hate; but most of all, what the hell

The traveling adventures continue: When It comes to being out networking and marketing, I am a very open person. One of my well known traits is how expressive I can become around new people, or even strangers. I know my actions can be different for every person; but what the hell!? Let me explain. I was walk around New York City creating conversation with people. I walk up to groups, but rarely will I approach a single standing person. I want people to feel comfortable. However last night was different. I kept seeing individuals walking small cute dogs. Seeing this, I would look at a dog, not the person, and say to myself “Aw, look a puppy, cute puppy” And variations on that.

What am I getting at!? Oh, so there was this old lady walking her dog and I said the aforementioned statement and she says back to me “Asshole.” First off, her dog didn’t bark, jump at me, look at me, or try and take her master for a run. It just kept on its way. Second, I only said it to myself, not her. The funnier part was I turned to one of my friends and said, “Did she just call me an asshole?”, and then I hear her say “Fagot.” Let me get the puns out of the way; A) do I look like a bundle of sticks? B) I am not a cigarette. Okay, with that out of the way; I was very confused by this moment as I think people should be a little nicer in life. To boot, my sexual preference is not determinate by how much I like puppies.

Her cruelty made me think about how often I am kind and open. My life is about making people laugh and entertain their emotions in a positive way. So when this lady said what she said, and all the rest of it, I also got to thinking how calling me a Fagot isn’t an insult. She didn’t understand situational context since I am not a homosexual. Clearly she wasn’t utilizing the other terminologies of Fagot. I did place into consideration that she was very old and maybe Fagot was an insult back in the day. To me, I wish I could have just made her smile. I did nothing wrong, and maybe she wanted to be in her own space. But I was talking to myself at the time. You can’t always win with people, but what the hell!?

Speak to people, it is more entertaining than you might think… plus, they have seen a different world than you!

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