Day 237 of 365

Day 237 of 365

• Day 237 of 365

65,000+ is our total combined Brand awareness for Top of the Bottom Pile. Our team continues to grown this Brand across multiple social networks. It is our job to place an effort into growing a Brand relationship between fans, friends and those involved, naturally. These numbers are more important as a naturally grown number than paying for that number to grow. 1 of our 10 stages to success is happily coming together. We are proud of our hard work, but most of all, we are honored people seem to be enjoying the ride as Interest in our Brand steadily climbs. 

Big numbers are exciting to have. With little to no interaction they mean nothing. Each member of Top of the Bottom Pile Brand get a great deal of interaction throughout our Social Network. It is nice to know any content is connecting with people. Top of the Bottom Pile may be the best of the worst, but without us being your second best choice we would be just 3 funny looking guys sitting at the top of a very lonely pile. Thank you so much for helping us become something more than just an idea. You are our success! Also, many amazing things are in the works!

With only a 128 days till our first full year is completed, we still have a lot more to accomplish. Preparing for our second year, we are ready for an “office”, of sorts. We are about to sacrifice our comfort for something bigger than each one of us; The next level of success. Working as a team is more than having a day job, posting a few things and/or saying “Hey, I am involved with these guys”. Working together is about actually completing tasks. Together we strengthen our weaknesses, improving our strengths, and encouraging a hope which fuels our optimism.

The best of the worst reaching the top together. You can do it too! Have a plan, create a foundation, grow your brand and be nice to everyone; because you never know who someone is or knows! Peace in truthful harmony! 

• Make A Right Left Here (My official page website)
• BBR Productions Inc. (Direct company link)
• Top Of The Bottom Pile (Comedy Tour I Am On)

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