Brand me my value

• Brand me my value (!!UPDATED!! 05.10.2015)

An entertainers job is to know how powerful their company is. A company’s survival is determined by how well its Brand Value is maintaining a steady growth of interest and interaction. There are rules to being a performer. With a life spread all over social media, in press and on an endless Internet, there is little time for a very intimate private personal life. Keep these things separated while building Brand awareness which creates interest that ultimately generates sales. Sales are people choosing to give their time into your life.

Having extremely large numbers is only as good as fan interaction. Even more so, how does a Brand interact with fans? Keeping a Brand dedicated to a specific voice, image and conversation is a job all in itself. Staying on task, keeping a fan base informed, leads to expressing a Brand’s life opinions. Let people see what a Brand is doing to give them an option to come on the ride by choice. Asking them to join the ride is selfish. Let them have a peek through the window without telling them they need to come on in.

Most importantly know thy own value. I know my value as a person. I am aware of who should be in and out of my life. There is a strength in knowing you can say no to people. An even stronger sense of truth when you finally say yes to yourself. 130,000+ people follow my brand all over the internet. I have a large group of friends and associates around my life. And I personally know what I am capable of. Everything I have is because of my perseverance to continue moving forward. A Brand value has a reputation, it has a voice that speaks out on what it stands for!

Be bigger than your numbers surrounding you. Become a part of this world through action. Know thy value of self…

• Make A Right Left Here (My official page website)
• BBR Productions Inc. (Direct company link)
• Top Of The Bottom Pile (Comedy Tour)
• (I am a contributor)

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