Empty Pains


• Empty Pains: (writing exercise)

There was a sense of confusion waking up alone in pure darkness. I knew it was damp where I was, an inch of water resting against my body. My freedom of being aware was taken from me. Only an echo of water dripping, in what had to be a large cave of sorts, could be heard. With no other choice I was guiding myself against these ragged sharp walls. I knew I was bleeding by now, but I needed to find a way out.

I could taste a scent of light ahead. Was this a way out or just another lie of my mind hoping for a reason beyond this predicament. An empty pain blasted my eyes with a burning of sun birthed upon them. For what seemed to be an eternity, was I finally free? Last I remember I could recall, twas a summer breeze, now winter in my wake. How did I find myself lost, here, alone? Naked feet, ankle deep, in Xandea’s whitest snow. I must find sanctuary. Where is my citadel?

Miles from where I awoke, wandering in confusion, my army absent in their last position. I sense war in shadows dancing in dry winds. I taste treason along the ground. A season of searching, still no remains of my army. Either they were destroyed or I’ve been out longer than I thought. Now to find Aiosion. She, always strong at my side. Always powerful beneath my legs. Her red scales freezing my enemy miles before they could see who rides upon her. Aiosion, come to me.

I’ve found it difficult to sleep these past weeks traveling the countryside. Every time I close my eyes I see bloodshed and cries. Where has my head been? I seem more lost than found. Memories guiding me across roads faded from my thoughts. There is no justice in this world. They need a king to rule over their weakness, I must unit this world. I must… fight for this world. I know evil. Is it me? Why do I see a stranger reflecting in water resting in my palm as I drink? Who am I?

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