The value of man

• The value of man

What is your value? Where do you stand with those around you. Most importantly, where do you stand with yourself? Your personal value will help grow value with others. In life you must embrace your personal value. Other people may or may not think highly of you, but they don’t get that beautiful opportunity to walk a mile in the shoes of your soul. They only get to spectate, and thus speculate who/what you are to this world. They could never truly understand you unless they were you. You will be the only one guaranteed on your death bed. Everyone else might be, but who knows. Live your life.

You want things in life? Go after it. You deserve it. When I hear people talk themselves out of obtaining their desires it saddens me. Obviously go after your desires in a fashion which keeps others out of harms way. Positivity leads to positive outcomes. Also the action of doing helps a lot too. Knowing your value creates motivation, and destination, toward your personal goals. Unhappy at your job? Great, go get the one job you want. It will take hard work and effort, but you deserve to live a life within your own parameters. When people say you can’t, then what does that tell you about their value?

I know my value. It keeps me centered. If people disapprove of my actions I ignore their concerns, unless I am physically hurting them, or being outright mean to them personally. What I am expressing is that I live my life. If people tell me I shouldn’t be doing comedy because it isn’t a normal job, I ignore them. I won’t poke them in their eyes, though they surely deserve it! There are many things that bother me about people and their actions, yet I know their value as people. I continue on my day and ignore the things that bother me, as they have the right to be true to themselves also! Value You!

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