Every life is one in kind


(A sixth entry from the mind of Lord Telmorn Altayon. Follow his fears, his strengths… ~Thomas J. Bellezza)

• Every life is one in kind 

Hatred is a colored ray of tasteless emotion. Peeking down our throats waiting to destroy our daily intake of hope. Cramped in sensual rot iced over in human remains. While red splashes of painful memories elevate lost thoughts praying to break free of loneliness, fear and shame. Look around, sneak a peek of others standing near you. We bleed, we breathe, we cry, we feel, we die all the same. Tall or short, black or white, the world is limited by our wicked resentment taught to us by mindless zombies educating a lack of reason to each generation. Even sadder are those who stay hidden in cutout mockeries set to fuel stereotypes designed to blind even the smallest of truths. Judge, point, hiss and miss the point of how beautiful the world could be with each soul walking side by side, hand in hand, to a melody beating through every heart, every life, as each of us were one in kind.

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• Make A Right Left Here (My official page website)
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• Top Of The Bottom Pile (Comedy Tour)
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• Thomas J. Bellezza (My entertainer page)
• BBR Productions Inc. (My production company)
• Top Of The Bottom Pile (Comedy Tour)
• Make A Right Left Here TV (My web based TV show)
• Lord Telmorn Altayon (A character I write about, the first God)
• Altayon (My Theatrical Progressive Metal Band)
• StupidAssQuestions.com (I am a contributor)

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