Death Race

• Death Race

Death Race, now that is the way you start off something grim. Today I am going to explain the beauty of Death, and our race to get there. There is a beauty in death because it tells us the end is near. There is a beauty in death because we never know when she’ll be here. There is a beauty in death that makes us some times shiver, and some times never ever at all. There is a beauty in death that tells us to truly care about who we are, what we do, and who we love with in this life.

Fear of death seems so wasted. Why think of death when you can think of life. The stresses that come with everything all day, everyday. I once watched a video that helped place some perspective into my own life. If the video was real or not, it was the nail in the coffin to wake me up more than I have already become. I consider myself on the route to enlightenment since the day a doctor told me I was going to die of a brain tumor. (lucky for me, it turned out to be something else).

The video is of about 3 or 4 cars sitting at a red light. The light turns green, people honk their horns and everyone rushes forward the moment the light turns to go. Moments later a huge Trailer Truck smashed through every car in the lane through the red light and bam… they were gone. If only they looked both ways, took a moment more at the light. What changed me was the thought of this–

What were they thinking before the end? Were they worrying about their life? Where they were, or how well they were doing? Where their kids unaware of all the beauty they had lived and yet maybe the parents were worried about all the things they had not lived through themselves up till this age? What would I have been thinking right before I never was again? What would you have been thinking at that light right before you died and never saw it coming? 

I thought, live. What’s the worst the world can do to me? I’ve been poor, I’ve had money, I knew what hate and love was. I knew what it was to be stressed all the time, and worrying about things that in that flash of a moment no longer mattered. I am aware of the Death Race, but I am unaware of how many laps I get. Enjoy the ride while living your purpose. Say yes to possibility, say yes to your Life Race.

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