New York City

• New York City

I love the windy city, wait, wrong template intro. Ah, the big orange? Pear? Apple! The big Apple during the winter months is the equivalent to standing in a meat locker during Rocky’s training session. Beat the meat, beat it good and hard. But always wrap your hands so you don’t hurt yourself. There is one thing I can say about New York City: It is alive. I’ve been all over the world… Okay, more like North America, and New York City has shown me more in less space. I hate the city, I love the experience! I hate it because I am a country boy, give me miles between neighbors, YAY. What I love about the city is what you learn during your time there. Who people are and what amazing history each step has beneath your feet.

People have said to me “Thomas, move to LA… Move here, move there, move everywhere.” I can’t because I don’t want to. I love New York in general. Upstate, downstate, Long Island, the city and yes, even Staten Island… kind of. Living in Florida, or traveling around America with my metal band, I learned one thing: More happens in New York than anywhere I have ever been. Now, there might be events happening in other places, and I can’t give an opinion on, say, Europe (Since I have never been there), but what New York gives you is opportunity. The history of life flows through these streams of life. Dreams that came from other countries poured through the streets hoping to make something happen.

Between comedy, music, acting and writing I feel the best when I am expressing myself through success. Each step I take is calculated. It helps not having a day job, as I am my own boss in life. It also helps that I have a very specific plan. One of which I have taught to other people for over 17 years. This is my life because I took the actions to make it my life. When people say they can’t bring their dreams to reality I give them a confused look. Because they can, they have the power, just lack the will and the plan. I reached out and was advised, I reached out and studied success, I reached out and found possibility by creating opportunity! The act of doing is the hardest part until you are rolling down the hill of SUCCESS!!!

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• Top Of The Bottom Pile (Comedy Tour)
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