Day 150 of 365

• Day 150 of 365

When the day comes where you feel results through action are going smoothly, you must stop and reevaluate your accomplishments. The first 365 days should not be easy. Smooth makes people whom are starting out, slow down. This why there should always be a person leading the charge. A leader does not own the team, or the effort. Their job is to maintain action, and motivate results. One other job a leader must have to ensure a strong team effort: The power to teach. When that is taken away there is little left that can be completed.

Each member has a special purpose in Top of the Bottom Pile. Each of those talents help mobilize a greater cause. As a unit we will see greater things happen. A goal; be stronger than the smooth easy path, stronger than the calm. A good kick in the butt once in a while is needed! Who doesn’t enjoy being kicked in the ass. Again, easy is not what makes success happen. Work hard at what you want, but have a plan! We have a plan, we have a marketing company, and a consultant helping us bring things to life. Life to that plan.

There is a mantra heard over and over: Network, Market, and Practice. It is known by heart now as it continues to heard each week at our meetings. Things we are also remember; Shows are not our first priority. So what then? Where are we leading? What is going to happen when we hit our 180 days of 365? A month away will have us half way through a year. Good or bad? It might not be too bad we became smooth operators! Keep digging into this world of action. There are amazing S.M.A.R.T. Goals before us! One after the other, one step will become many steps forward! 

For the hardest thing to do… is to DO!

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• Thomas J. Bellezza (My entertainer page)
• BBR Productions Inc. (My production company)
• Top Of The Bottom Pile (Comedy Tour)
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