In my experience…

• “In my experience…”

There is an exercise I truly enjoy. I enjoy helping individuals obtain their dreams. Some people I help refocus, or get their life back in order. As a traveling entertainer I know that my life is about entertaining. Beyond that, I learned it is a big NO NO to give advice in this business. People can be sensitive, but you can’t blame them. Especially after they get off stage, or are preparing to get on stage. That is a lot of pressure, and it is pretty insulting to just jump on and give someone unwanted advice. I suppose the difference between advice, and criticism, is how you present it. I always listen when being talked to. There might be a tidbit of informative factors being thrown at me. So why not enjoy the ride?

It is truth though, besides being an entertainer, I consult people on life. The major difference in this situation is these people come to me for advice and pay me for my time. I have helped a great deal of people over the 17 years of my life. From basic advice, to guidance in their finances. Mostly, I help people find success in life. What is it they want to do, or where do they want to be… Those are the biggest questions I end up answering for people. A few of my favorite people I have recently helped have been comedians and actors. They have such passion in them but with little to no guidance they became lost in something very common. Their ideas of how success will come. 

As I have traveled around the scene of entertainment my five senses have noticed a reoccurring theme. The same advice: Perform and get on stage as much as possible, get on stage and perform as much as possible, meet the right person by performing and getting on stage as much as possible, make sure you have something to sell before doing anything, but make sure you are performing and getting on stage as much as possible. This advice has always made me shutter. Next time you hear this advice, ask them what their day job is. If they work a job to pay the bills, their advice might be slightly off. Getting there begins with a plan to secure a fearless ability to say yes, then what to do when you get there… that’s the fun part.

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• Thomas J. Bellezza (My entertainer page)
• BBR Productions Inc. (My production company)
• Top Of The Bottom Pile (Comedy Tour)
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