What did I forget?


• What did I forget?
A lot of the time when I am working on my craft I forget there are other things going on. My favorite part of being a consultant at BBR Productions Inc. is listening to people’s lives. Everyone has a grand dream they wish to accomplish and that actually inspires me. With all this dreaming going on, maybe I should dream a little more too. I some times forget that I have other passions that might have fallen behind the couch. Which is kind of sad. I do not believe I will ever get back into drawing. I am not as excited about it, but I do miss it.
Getting to the point of my life began with retraining my thought process. At one point or another I was that person who always looked at others and said “I am better than them, why are they up there, I should be up there performing”… or even better, “If only the right people saw me!”. Well the truth is, no matter how great you are it doesn’t matter. Your strengths must be in Networking and Marketing yourself. Of course you should be good at what you do, but it is not the only thing that leads to success. 
So I got a nice email from a friend in the movie business asking me if I would like to audition for a lead role. I was extremely excited to do anything for this person, since I truly do appreciate their friendship. She was wonderful in the audition process and made me feel completely comfortable. I kept remembering if I got it or not that my being there was already a victory. I got to work on auditioning (Practicing), see a friend and others I didn’t know (Networking), and also handout my personal business card (Marketing). I’d call that a win!
Work out your life, work out in your life!
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