Working out, kind of


• Working out, kind of

I have been very bad with my working out. I was formerly an avid workout kind of person. 5 days a week spent eating correctly and really pushing to make sure I hit the gym everyday. I find myself slacking in other areas of working out too; writing, comedy, music, rest and relaxation, and meditation. These things help guide me, focus me, make me a better person to accomplish goals that I have set before me. It is my job to maintain a healthy life, a growing life and a purpose beyond being successful. I began my slack in life when I came back from Florida. Yes I am working hard and getting things completed, but I am forgetting to work hard on myself.

Slowly but surely the gym has become something of a once every two week visit; my personal goal is 3 times a week to begin with. But even if I hit the gym twice a week, that is more than zero. With comedy (working with Top of the Bottom Pile) I’ve been practicing more. I also have a new bass player to work with which is motivating me to play again. So without finding the time, Anthony has pushed me to pick up the guitar and start singing again. I was also writing 15 blogs a week. Now I am only writing this one and who knows how much time has gone by. Change comes from being aware, so let me get on the path of awareness. 

Being successful in this business will always begin with self. Without me, there would be nothing else. Take care of your body, your mind and your soul. These things are your vehicle, control and moral understanding of your personal barometer. Sometimes you need a good partner nagging you to do what is correct so you don’t falter. So respect those who care enough to remind you when you are slacking and lack motivation. Start doing something once a day, or even a few minutes a day. When I was younger I practiced guitar 8 hours a day (Being young with no responsibilities, yay!). Now if I hit 15 minutes, I’m still doing it right. 


Work out your life, work out in your life!

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