When I knew light


(A fourth entry from the mind of Lord Telmorn Altayon. Follow his fears, his strengths… ~ Thomas J. Bellezza)

• When I knew light

I saw this world in a beautifully glow. Where purpose moved in graceful show. Tears were nowhere to be found in hearts of endless crimes. Where in shadows could our dying cries hide? With whimpers of little laughs found innocently in hidden paths to fearless seas, what mortal woes could any land bear to flee. Kindly awaiting for their hands, reaching up from below harden sands, over deathly hollows of barren lands. Oh such dread left behind in a time when no war was realized. In my grace I stood in empty peace, what have they done my children under this sun?

I gave them love, the power to hold tightly the ones they knew or never would pass ever, even likely. Still fighting began in a selfish righteousness defined by greed of ever growth to a fountain filled with zero amounts, how in my eyes I saw this so deeply gross. I wanted it so much, so true, to be a caring heart from one soul of many touches to a center circle of people battling calmly a desire for synergy against nothing but a smile from inside this truth. Banned were minutes of trial in fire was their rage considered divine reception to judgment left without guile, lithely tripping to along.

Now forever frozen in stillness of what could have been without brilliance a depth of wandering wonder deeply without question to answers only I within could answer harmlessly in life’s Earthly splendor. Take a moment to breathe it out, let the sun glow down on your own mouth. I will continue to be your watching father, over my children, some of them won’t ever even bother to listen with their heart, while thundering bashes blast loudly out their body’s damning array of darkest gray action oust. Live my children peacefully in play, remember to rest, pause and be gay.

I dream my death…

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