Day 60 of 365


• Day 60 of 365 (12.21.2013)

Two months since we began this crazy adventure with “Top of the bottom pile”! All our numbers continue to grow on our social networking sites; people are calling us, and we’re getting noticed as a TEAM. The fun part of all this; only two performances have happened. One where we filmed a DVD special (Which only the audio ended up being good enough to use), and Tonight, where I got to perform on Broadway Comedy Stage. How do things like this happen? Well, with shows always a secondary thing for us. I teach people about success where they learn how valuable the 3 Needs of Success truly are. If one need is being actively pursued, success will surely fall at their wayside.

So now what? This is how it works; we network like animals to show our faces and continue to become familiar with individuals and those individuals with us. Secondly, marketing; it is important to be remembered. And of course we’ll continue writing and supporting one another while we rehearse. Even if that rehearsal is “Top of the bottom pile” in a room with each other going over the sets. The 3 Needs of Success; Network, Market and Practice. Networking is always about who you know. Be nice to everyone, you never know who someone is or knows. Marketing is about who knows you. Be remembered, stay remembered. Practice. Practice is about you, the 3 needs, and your skills.

In January, our first few shows of this tour should begin. The goal is over the next six months to go from 1, or 2 shows a month to reaching our goal of 3 to 6 shows a weekend. Of course, this includes traveling performances and NYC Performances. We’ll most likely stay away from local Long Island shows. We are reaching out to new lands, as Long Island seems to be where we grew up. We want to meet new faces. By the end of next year we’ll be making way to get on some festivals as well as getting involved with other people of note. To send it off, these past 60 days have been very productive. Things are happening, continue to happen, and are cultivating action for new happenings.

T.E.A.M. = Together Everyone Achieves More!

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