Day 30 of 365

• Day 30 of 365

30 days in with a motion upward and forward is always a grand accomplishment. This came only in part with my effort. This life, my life, is set with a team. A team of growth, a team of friends, family, and associates whom have come together to work together. Life is to short to believe anything is possible without the belief from others. Remember to give back to those who have giving to you. Respect the life of others and your own personal life. Thirty days fly by pretty quickly, so believe in yourself, trust in the plan and know that everyone around you has value. Ignoring people, what they have given to you, and who they are to your life is a part of your lackluster effort. Be better than that and give them the same respect you so desire. That’s the secret of this business… of life.

Where has 30 days lead me? Correction, where did I lead 30 days? How so? Be proactive in your life. A plan is only as good as your action to that list. Always have S.M.A.R.T. Goals, what are those goals and that end result to those goals? For me, it is to continue to open doors for individuals searching for an opportunity. Also, giving me the ability to continue living the life I enjoy. The better I do, the better I can do for others. That is the point of these last thirty days. Giving back, getting, and learning how to work as a cohesive team. Having a plan beyond that is helpful too. When you get a chance to make an effort out of opportunity, try and stay clear of throwing it all away by jumping off the bus onto another far to early. Be prepared, willing and ready to make changes as needed. It is okay to wait.

Speaking of teams, both “Top of the bottom pile” and “Team Rise Together” are making things happen by making things happen. This Friday will be the second time Top of the bottom pile is walking into the city and networking. Between all the calls we have been making, Goal completing and helpfully guiding one another, there seems to be an endless feeling of opportunity coming our way. This is not just chance, but the act of being in the right place at the right time by choice. Be seen, heard and known. We are taking all the Needs of Success to heart. One thing I am enjoying is teaching my fellow teammates the process of success, how to run a business and how to make your life your business. That’s the point, you want a fully working team who is all well educated.

Where to now? Next stop… day 60! Support The Cause! Enjoying the sun from the Top of the bottom pile!

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6 thoughts on “Day 30 of 365

  1. Hi Thomas 😀
    Sorry that I haven’t commented on your last two posts but I think I see what you are aiming to achieve in 365 days. Can’t wait to see what happens on day 366 😉 Take care. Ralph 😀


  2. Nice reading about you

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may find something of your interest.


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