Day 16 of 365


• Day 16 of 365 

Wow, 16 days into this amazing adventure known as Project rebuild and I couldn’t be more happier! I coined a fun team title last night during rehearsals for a short movie my company is filming. The title was; “Team Rise Together”. It was a spur of the moment when I was randomly getting excited about a group of five wonderful actors all working together to see our dreams come to life. Step one is almost completed. What was so pure about saying “Team Rise Together” was its innocence. It just came out. We laughed for a moment then thought; how appropriate. The point of this conclusion was that I am working with three teams as we speak; Writing, Comedy, and Acting. 

With less than 3 weeks into my traveling adventure I am seeing the Acting world come alive, my comedy efforts with the “Top of the bottom pile” already booking gigs in the city, and of course my wonderful writing team getting some great ideas out there. The purpose of working together is that we all want to see our dreams happen. Two heads are better than one, but imagine you are working with, well in my case, 12 heads. Well, that’s just, um… mind blowing! We get a lot down, we focus quicker and we always meet every week. This is our job, working in entertainment. We have our S.M.A.R.T. Goals, and we have our purpose. 

The major trade-off? I get to work with my friends. That’s a beautiful thing working with friends. I am also teaching them how the business works so we can all get things done together. It is a fair trade, our team seeing a future together, and everyone learning from everyone. This life is difficult going through it all by your lonesome. No matter how good you are, you need friends, you need people you believe in and that believe in you. With less than a month in and almost a full year ahead of me, I have a deep feeling this will be my strongest year yet. Here is to an amazing adventure with new friends, known friends and to be friends!!! 

It’s great being on Top of the bottom pile while working with Team Rise Together!!! Support The Cause!!!

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