Day 6 of 365


Day 6 of 365

Organized a plan for comedy this week (S.M.A.R.T. Goals). I am teaming up with two amazing comedians (Networking). We had a great meeting of the minds and will be continuing to meet on a regular bases to ensure our plan moves forward, with a team effort called the “Top Of The Bottom Pile” (Treating life like a business). Pulling our resources together helps build trust, value and propels our motivation to another level. Everyone is equal in this venture. Some have strengths in one area over another, but we are all people of value working to make the best outcome for each of us. A team has more brains, hands, and “will”, to move forward. 

Another fun thing in the world of this traveling entertainer is my mind is set on conquering all my passions once again. While taking steps forward with comedy, I also took on my music again. Altayon is a band project I’ve been keeping more to a studio project, and rarely coming out to play live with other people. I was always scared to touch the stage again based on my experience with my last band. After ten years of working with people, then walking away from the business, I never thought I would be doing this again. I want to thank the people who kept pushing me to write, perform and believed in me. Wonderful things happening with the right people (Networking).

My acting and writing passion are working hand in hand. I have a great writing team that works with me to develop projects for my production company. Our first major project will be titled “A Super Villain Hero” I am working with some wonderful actors, which will allow us to join SAG-AFTRA. One of my main goals is to finalize this deal with a TV series I am working on. 5 episodes completed, and I am working on the 6th episode over the next week. There is a wonderful joy to be able to call this my life. My job is to entertain and make a living doing so. Anyone can do this, you need only create the opportunities and be proactive.

Day 6 of 365. 360 day remaining, and look at what is possible. Make things happen by making things happen!

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