Day 1 of 365

• 10.21.2013

Today begins a change. What change? A change of being me. For these last 17 years I’ve been in this wonderful business of entertainment. Handling the ins and outs of business. It has allowed me to do what I love doing, entertain people as a musician, comedian, actor, writer and all the things that have been chronicled in the Traveling Adventures of a Resilient Entertainer. I would say my last 3 years I had focused more on running my Production company “BBR Productions Inc.” and opening “The Rose Theater”. Both of which were born to help people get into the business of entertainment. From first timers through the spectrum to people already making things happen.

My first 10 years in entertainment centered around learning how this business works so I might improve my band “TENEbRAE” to excel in music. We ended our run playing festivals, and other large moments that I walked away from. I was no longer willing to work in a field I was not happy in. So I refocused my energy into Comedy and Acting. That took me pretty far, then I begin to remember why I wasn’t having fun as a performer. So much negativity in the business. Not from people with power, but from other performers. Not all, some, but more than none. It pushed me away, because I like doing what I do, because performing is fun. The fun was absorbed away from me.

Now I am at another crossroads. I’ve helped people make something of their lives with my guidance. I educated them to live their life like a business. I am still very happy doing what I do, but I miss entertaining. I miss being on stage, and utilizing my strongest asset; my business sense for success and my strength in bringing a brand to life. This leads me to making something happen as an entertainer. I did it with music, stage acting, comedy and even writing. So now, today begins a change. I am about to enter my life back into entertainment but on another level. My goal, is to make 365 days count. I will keep track of my accomplishments and take note of what I am doing, and write it down!

Day 1 of 365. Here is to everyone who wants to live their dreams; Make things happen by making things happen!

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4 thoughts on “Day 1 of 365

  1. I’ve followed you on twitter and Bookmarked your YouTube page for viewing after work…

    I’ll be back to let you know whether or not I consider you amusing.. lol

    *races off to return later*


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