• Such bad words of little point

• Such bad words of little point

One thing you have to remember in life is no one knows who you are. You might be famous, or unknown in the sense of popularity, but the truth is you are never truly understood or known. People will only know what they see you doing, or hear what you tell them. Worst yet, they might only know about you through others. Even as people talk about you, good or bad, they don’t always have the full truth. So, in entertainment you are forced to deal with a thing I call “The Hold Down”.

“The Hold Down” is what people do to keep their own life in check. They take the time to talk badly about you just to make sure your value continues to be tarnished. I took myself out of the local scene because I wasn’t having fun anymore. Everywhere I went I had to deal with people being rude, or insulting. To top it off, I am not a fan of listening to people “be better than everyone else”. There are people starting out in entertainment and these “Veterans” of the business throw the new people down and out. Discouraging them.

It is sad to see the people in the business taking advantage of the little guy. So why do I get my name busted on? Because I stick up for these little guys. I don’t always win their friendship, as they are sucked into the system thinking that is how you do it. My advice to NEW PEOPLE in the business is this; Ask yourself “What do these people you look up to do for a living?” if the answer is a day job to pay their bills and they have been in this line of business for more than five years, I would say take their advice with a grain of salt.

Of course I have done things where people find me to be a douche because I protect people, don’t take crap from anyone, but this is on them. That’s right, I am not taking on any responsibility for their hate. Who are they to me? When I die, I will be the only person guaranteed on my death bed. Their opinions matter very little to me. It only shows you who they are as people. They reflect their hatred of what they dislike about themselves from what they see in me. 

I have a rule; Leave me alone and I will leave you alone, Involve me and you will involve me.

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