You get one life!

• You get one life!

I am in this life for one good run. Will I comeback? Who knows! This is a blog about success in my life through the world of entertainment and my adventures. So here it is; the truth of what keeps me going as I see people fall the side in fear, or those who take on paths that have nothing to do with their dreams. I see these people as stronger than me. To given to their fears and allow life to control them. To give them a world of basic needs. When that happens I remember how brilliant it must be to give in to that fear and how wonderfully strong a person must be to give up everything they dreamt about. 

With that said, I am proud to be weaker than that. I am proud to find my needs of happiness and success much greater than surviving in a world where I know I would not be happy. I am not meant to pack out shelves. I am not meant to work for someone giving me orders to help a monster company that will happily fire me for being 15 minutes early, or 2 minutes late. I will not give my life to a company that sees me as a number in a group of people that I MUST come in or else I am being disrespectful to the system. If I am sick, I am staying home. It is after-all, just a job, that cares almost nothing for me. 

Where does that lead me? Right here where I am. This is my life. I work hard, I sleep little and I can hardly see straight after a day of nonstop nonsense; BUT, I love it. I am me. I get to live my life. This one and only life. It is an amazing feeling. I can act when I want, sing when I need to, do comedy, or write. I can help people, and I can continue being the rise and fall of my success. There is nothing more beautiful than that in the world. For those who complain about their lives, I have little pity. Because you can make changes to see yourself take control of your life. Anyone, I mean anyone, can do it. You need only start doing something.

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