Giving up, getting up

• Giving up, getting up

Today could be the last day of your life and yet you are willing to give up! Make things happen by making things happen. I say it all the time to a point of redundancy. People have told me it sounds unpersonable. That I am all business. You know what? I am all business. My life is a business. I want to live in control of my personal overhead. What it cost me to live; pay rent, eat, drive, dance, whatever I do is my overhead. So why would I just live outside of my overhead in debt? Well? It is a business. LIFE is a business. I will always push people to live stronger than they are. You are a life, you have value. Believe in yourself damn it! When you fall down make sure you always get yourself up. 

I fell once, I fell many times. Because of woman, because of sickness, because of money, because of many different reasons, but I still got back up. In working with my purpose in this 5 blog stretch; you must know this business is difficult. I’ve seen so many people give up over little things. Driving through a tunnel only to come out jaded at its other side. What can I say? You will gain enemies or you’re not doing anything right. People won’t like you. They might even say bad things about you. Tainting your name, your brand, just to feel better about themselves. What is the point of being an douche in the first place? Be nice to everyone, you never know who someone is or knows. 

Rule number one of this business; Always do. Doing makes things happen. You must do everyday, 365 days a year. You must always Networking with people. You must always Market yourself. You must always Practice your craft. You want to know something else? You must always set S.M.A.R.T. Goals, Budget your Time and Money. Protect yourself when you can with your 3 Needs of Purpose. You must get find people who can ride your buss of life with you; fire quickly and hire slowly. If you continue to do all these things you will find life successful and anything you wish to do within that life. Remember, you want to fall. You learn more from failing. You learn nothing from giving up, or standing stagnate. Be your success… LIVE! 

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