Reality of success

• Reality of success 

I normally stay away from being personally motivated with my posts as much as I can. This leads me to just an emotional exploit of randomness against Earth’s human race known as people. What is my direction for this? It is so I can cool off my stress. Honestly, I like to help people; it helps refocus my own soul. When I see others through situations it guides me to a conclusion of self resolute! Where does my stress birth from? People. Well, that just sounds generic, I know. People are stressful. You’d be surprised though, it is a stress that comes from seeing people failing, or taking onto themselves this negative energy. Lost without knowledge of complete and total truth. 

Where do I stand with my own thoughts? Right here… People; You want a reality check on success, well here it is. You get many shots at making things happen. Truth is, this game is very hard, extremely hard for those with no motivation. You can mess up over and over again, but in the end, it is how many times do you get up over how many times you give up. I’ve seen it with my heart. I’ve given up before. I walked away from the music business, sat in my room and cuddled up with misery. What happened to me? I woke the Hell up. I looked at my life knowing there is more to me. I changed everything. I stayed away from music while still perusing entertainment. Finished my first book, started acting, doing stand-up comedy and living! 

When you give up too fast you have done more than just stop; you have failed your life. Be more than that. You want to be something more than a job? You want to see your dreams come truth? Then do it. I know, it is hard. There is nothing in this world that comes easy. Even when you are given your “15 minutes of fame” you still must work hard to maintain that success to another level. YOU MUST WORK HARD. Everyday, all day, with the intent that one day you will be in a situation you are happy with. In the days where people build their own homes, you think they started cutting wood and said “F*ck it?” Nah. They got dirty, worked until they could keep warm inside walls with their family, then they cleaned themselves off to begin anew!

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14 thoughts on “Reality of success

    • Things are good sir. Along time has past! I am working hard Ralph. How are things on your end?

      Yeah, this was my vent to release some stress on how I see this business. I have about 4 more coming out on the same subject, just different areas.


      • It’s great to hear that you are working Thomas and it’s good to relieve stress in your blog rather than elsewhere.
        I am fine. Just waiting for the Spanish bureaucracy to pull their fingers out so that I can get going on with the upgrading of my apartment. Break a leg. Ralph


  1. Excellent post! I discovered MARLTV when I got an email notice that you are following my blog “Dumbass News”. Thanks a million for that! When I got here I also noticed that you have “DN” listed in your blog roll. What a great surprise for me! I am thankful and humbled. I have reciprocated and added MARLTV to the “Dumbass News” “Dumbasses I Read” list.
    I will also add you to one of my other blogspot blogs, “That Drawer in the Kitchen”.

    Thanks again, amigo!
    Fearless Leader


    • Wonderful! I love reading Dumbass news, so when I saw a blog dedicated to the idea of dumbass news I thought.. Yes, this is the kind of blog I will have fun reading! lol Thanks for following back. I hope my rants entertain you my fellow blogger.


  2. Goon encouragement for a day (like today) when I do want to curl up in a corner and sleep the sleep of a clobbered sloth.

    And thank you for the follow. Go get my book while you’r at it! It’s released July 15th. Digital, hard copy, audio. Much warmth-



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