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• Social who, me?

Social media is both a blessing and a curse. We rely too much on it’s power and as an entertainer all we want is “Right Now” to happen. We don’t care about putting the work in. If someone came over to us and said “Listen, I can get you one thousand fans, and make you money for doing what you love in one day…” We’d say “Okay, where do I sign.” Truth is, we don’t want to do the work. Social media makes this job easier and easier. Yet, why are people still doing it wrong? Connect your Twitter to your Facebook, Tumblr, WordPress, etc. and all you need to do is write something witty on your Twitter and it goes everywhere! Or does it?

What are you writing? This is the question I most ask myself. When you see people post things about “See my show, listen to my song, how is my video” you get annoyed. Well, if you are getting annoyed then why post the same things? Because we are emotionally attached to our dreams. People will love what I have to offer; that’s a curse looming inside of an artist. Spend seven years doing it wrong and then try it again. My favorite thing about entertainers is the ten plus year syndrome. This is where they complain they haven’t gone anywhere but any advice is dismissed because “They know what they are doing”. Well, stop complaining.

Good news is I am going to write this next part for me; BUT, if you are interested in utilizing it, then feel free and have at it! I enjoy using my social media as a way of creating a conversation with my audience. I take my truths of life and write about it. I give them a “With” conversation. Things about what I am doing that day, or my passions. “I really enjoyed working in the studio today writing song X”. “Oh man, I love telling jokes with my fellow comedian friends.” “There is nothing more exciting than finishing a script when memorizing!”… All truths, all a big part of my brand. Let people into your business through conversation, not Command.

• Make A Right Left Here (My official page website)
• BBR Productions Inc. (Direct company link)
• The Rose Theater (Direct company link)
• Twitter (My personal twitter)
• Youtube (I make stupid videos)


• Thomas J. Bellezza (My entertainer page)
• BBR Productions Inc. (My production company)
• The Rose Theater (A Theater for first time opportunity)
• Make A Right Left Here TV (My web based TV show)
• Lord Telmorn Altayon (A character I write about, the first God)
• Altayon (My Theatrical Progressive Metal Band)


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