Rules of Attraction • Smoking Hot; Not?

(ROA : Rules of Attraction; is an insight to how people look upon one another in this world. Less entertainment, and more a look into a person’s mindset. That person, me. My thoughts on society and their desires.)

• Rules of Attraction • Smoking Hot; Not?

I have many rules when it comes to my attraction of another person; as I am sure others have rules too. How hot is a person who smokes? To me, not at all. It is gross, unhealthy and filled with a smell/taste I just can’t get over. I’ve tried dating people who smoked to no avail. Personality is important, but if I can’t see the person while they are talking; A) Because I am coughing so much, or B) I am in a fog filled room, then something is wrong. To date a person, a fan shouldn’t be needed.

Also, cigarette smoke and perfume/cologne hardly go together well enough to help. When you see a very attractive person walk over to you smelling like a mixture of chimney and fried death, I lose a little interest. Yes, smoking is unhealthy, as is eating poorly, etc. You can still be healthy while eating poorly. Exercise to build up your body. Smokers who workout do almost nothing for their breathing. I can eat a hamburger and still be fine the next day. Hell, I could go running and work my heart, and pounds off. So, the health factors are far from one another.

Finally, that damn smell sticks to everything. Why shower if when you get out of the shower you are going to smoke? Worse yet, why shower if your house smells like smoke. Once you step out of the show you are stuck in stinkville. You want to smoke, smoke; just please stay away from judging me for keeping away from you. Since this is a free world, smoke away whenever you want, just remember I can do the “wave my hand in front of me and cough” move when I have to pass you. Let’s settle on the facts; I am a fan of non-smokers who really care about having a nicely cleaned tongue. Smell good, taste good, love grand!

Rule of attraction; If you are smoking you’re not hot.
Exception to rule; The sex can happen if you shower and brush your teeth beforehand. Just no relationship.

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