I have the balls to do it

74 I have the balls to do it
• I have the balls to do it

Doing is the hardest thing in this business. Coming up with an idea, or even wanting to do something entertaining is just a start. Nothing comes from wanting, or idea building. It only gives you a start. Make moves, create action. If you have a dream go out and start doing it! It really is that simple. People can make it happen or they can just sit there and want it to happen. Either way, I have little to no care of their complaining. I get it all the time from people. “If only… (add random excuse here)”, “I don’t have the time or money”, “It’s someone else’s fault.”, blah blah blah!!!!

You know what I had to do to make my life entertainment based? Oh, I will tell you. I had to work hard. These people who just want it to happen because they’re “AWESOME” kill me. You want to know how to do it? Network, Market, and Practice! That’s right : Networking with people and actually giving a crap about those you are talking. Stop making it about you! We get it, you care about yourself. The moment I changed it being about me, and showing I generally cared about the other people, everything changed. I was getting invited to events to meet important people and my name got spread around like wildfire, in a good way.

While getting people to know me, and show them I respect people I had to market the world with ME!!! That’s right. I needed to get my name out there every way I could. Playing shows is a silly way to waste your time. Making your name known is a mixture of networking and marketing. Going to places you might not be playing but still giving people a part of you to go everywhere they go. Life is short, don’t sit in your room waiting for something to happen because you are awesome. Network, Market, and Practice your skill, craft and the love of making your life happen by making things happen.

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2 thoughts on “I have the balls to do it

  1. Great post! Very inspiring and very true. People love to take pot shots at those who live according to their dream, there’s always an excuse why they can’t do it.

    I say either go for it or support those who are going for it, no need to drag people down who are doing their thing 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

    All the best.



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