What will you do this week

72 What will you do this week
• What will you do this week

I am going to take charge of my life this week. There is so much one can only do on their own. Let me not think on it. Let me believe that I am responsible for my own actions. I have a life, a career, and a business. I wish to become the icon of “Bringing reality to your dreams”! I have a great team and I believe in them. This should mean I continue being the greatest I can be. The most productive I can be. My job is to see this company grow. Well, my company is my life first, everything else is pie. Or in this case Ice Cream… I so love Ice Cream, okay, off topic… back on. Interesting enough I know what needs to be done. Keep on being me.

Funny story about the number 3… well, I’ll get back to that. Okay, speaking of that… 3 different people all said something to me this past week about working all the time. Yes, I am a busy little fellow. Why? Because I have a 10 year plan. That’s right. I will work hard for 10 years then slow it down. As I have begun my journey to succeed in my life; there are certain measures I took that are in the works of bringing me complete freedom and wealth. So, why would I step back from my plan because I have a team? I should be the inspiration that allows them to believe in themselves as I believe in them.

What will you do this week? What can you do this week? You have a life that you may have been living for 10 years already and can barely read this blog; or a person who is in their late 50’s reading through this thinking “It’s too late to make a change”! Is it? NEVER!!! Fight for your life. You deserve to make things happen. You deserve to be the happiest human in your life above and beyond everyone. Let only you be aware of your powerful direction. Others need only know you are smiling. What will you do this week? You will say YES… you will DO… you will become the EFFORT that shall STRIVE you to ACCOMPLISH any DREAM you’ve ever had!

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4 thoughts on “What will you do this week

  1. There’s a difference between what I think I will do this week and what I will end up actually doing this week. Life has a way of getting in the way of my plans. I’m planning on giving up the planning thing. Maybe I’ll start not planning this week. 😉


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