Respect the craft

71 Respect the craft

• Respect the craft

Working is a gift, doing is the act. When a person calls you up, allowing you an opportunity for work in a field you love, then you give nothing back; it’s almost insulting to the point of actually being a douche. Let me explain; Anyone can do. Though, doing is the hardest part of doing. I mean, how long have you laid in bed because you didn’t want grab the remote? Case closed… doing is the hardest part. The point is, respect the opportunity you were given when someone calls you up to do what you love. Just take a moment to let that sink into your head.

I’ve said in the past; “When I perform, I am performing for all those who’ve performed before me and all those who wish they could have the chance to perform now.” My grandfather taught me that. He played guitar. He said to be once; “Tom, get out of here.” wait, that was another time. Oh, yes, I remember now “Tom, when you play the guitar, respect it. Someone put their love into building it. Others wish they could play it. You have a chance to represent both the creator of this beautiful instrument and those wishing they could make it come alive.” God, that’s so true, so beautiful.

I remember that, and turned it into my own words. So, performing is one small part of that promise. I will perform to the best of my ability. Most importantly, I will market the hell out of that event. That’s right; market the event you are on. How upset would you be if you set up an event, and placed people on it and they didn’t even mention it until 10 minutes before going on the stage? Think about that for a little while. Respect the business of entertainment, and being a part of this industry that you want to work within. Accomplishment comes from being a part of something bigger than yourself.

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