Inside your eyes I fell

Telmorn 30 Inside your eyes I fell

(A sixth entry from the mind of Lord Telmorn Altayon. Follow his fears, his strengths… ~ Thomas J. Bellezza)

• Inside your eyes I fell

I was a King among Gods. Dashing, strong, along their every word my command was unquestioned. A mountain formed from nothing at my desire. An ocean grew in depth if I wished it so. Color came over spring time in my joy, and winter was stale in my sadness. Where I walked among mortals their flesh smelled of old. My touch of death would turn life to ash if I meant it so. Course of life swayed at my demand, and children prayed toward my ear.

Still, that’s where I felt I was at most calm. Still. Standing in motion deep in thought. Hours would fade away with not one foot did I step. I wanted to know you as before. When outside, I heard nothing from our call. In a time when we lied in bed for days, smelling of old life, with a care in the world miles away. Still, next to you. Still, wanting the motion of never moving from you. No pain, argument, fear, disbelief, or worry. I could see me looking into your eyes. I saw my body completely there hiding inside your sight.

You left me, yet you were right there. I gave my God’s throne to kneel next to you. You abandoned my needs of you. My position was left untouched. Lost were my children without their Lord. Yet, lost was I without my Queen. In my fear stood weakness of man trembling at my anger. Without a raise of my hand, I walked by them. My empty mortal heart felt no desire of mankind. Roaming free of my punishment they were left to rule over one another. I searched willingly in stillness, waiting upon that dead grass top knoll. Still, she never came again…

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