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Having been in the business for over fifteen years my time has taught me one great thing; Knowledge is power. Yeah, that old cliche’. This is very true. I’ve collected enough information to know I must continue collecting information to better my life as an entertainer. Better even, I get to learn from the people around me, those I study and even more so the life that I call my own. What is working, not working, how I should market, network and practice my craft the most. These are all important to my growth as an entertainer.

Seminars, especially free seminars, are priceless in the knowledge you can learn from them. Either one bit, or a maximum amount of absorbed information. I’ve been to a few seminars. Around libraries, schools, colleges, you name it, if it was free I jumped on it. Paid seminars make me worry a little. As, what are they trying to sell me and “Oh, you at least got $75 from me and now you want how much?” yeah, thanks, but no thanks. Besides, free is in my budget; and sticking to that budget is important to my success.

In the sense, I’ve turned my life around. Now, instead of only going to seminars I have started to give free seminars. What are they about? Everything I have learned over my last fifteen years of course. What helps me is discussing my earned knowledge with strangers. Having them understand me allows me to see everything I’ve learned in a fuller sense of the task. Why is this knowledge useful?; that’s what I think about when I say things. It’s important to give back too. Besides, showing / teaching what you know helps you understand it!

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4 thoughts on “Seminar

  1. I understand the potential benefit of all the info and networking that goes on at these seminars. But I can’t stand the superficial nature of the “contacts” that get established. I’d rather meet people one-on-one than in a gang-bang–but that’s just how I am!


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