Beneath the truth

Telmorn 29 Beneth the lie

(A fifth entry from the mind of Lord Telmorn Altayon. Follow his fears, his strengths… ~ Thomas J. Bellezza)

• Beneath the truth

What a person sees is filled with lies. They are set to walk in patterns set by their teachers, their parents, their emotions. What is given is taken away in a moment without question. Who are these people? Why do they live in fear? Eyes, they are pasted over in images of illusion. Feelings corroding any rationality in reason. Even more pain comes from what a soul may hear. Tainted in a mortal’s idea, fashioned by what brought them to that moment. A small moment of advisory left to be destroyed over a matter of whispers into another’s ear.

What truth is heard? What lies are believed? I see it often, life walking blindly into the world sickness gives them. I hear it coldly from screams of hatred paling willingness to a pause. How gross I am of inside my spirit to be known to these lives. One lie taught is a gallon of rank blood. Sickly tossed about in empty corridors impaled in ever-ending misery. Breathe, breathe they say of the world you live in. Be that life and stand your ground. How is a ground held together in falsities going to stand strong enough to allow you a moment to breathe?

Beyond the pale they say, beyond the truth they live. Reverse the lie with truth. There is zero fear in being honest. What you hide inside is yours to play with. When you speak, and feel the freedom to allow others to hear, then truth be told or left unformed in shadows. If you are to speak, to teach those before you, or those after your word, then speak the truth of reality. Let hate fizzle away in the dying ignorance of society. Become more than what you are told to speak, what you are forced to believe. Beneath the truth stands a willing hole to be filled with hope.

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