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I think it started with “Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep. If I die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take.” Yeah, how do I still remember that crap from when I was a child? Same way I remember the ABC’s. Memorizing is a key factor for any entertainer. Actors, comedians, musicians, you name it, our job is to retain information and then get it out of our system. On top of memorizing and reciting this information, we must do it with an emotion. Oh, did I also mention we are forced to do it in what most people consider the hardest thing to do in the world; Public Speaking.

A small confession; I have a photographic memory. Yeah, most people hate me for it, except I was also gifted with dyslexia. Yeah, tell me about it. I can explain a full room of what I saw. When I am calm, I can almost remember every little detail from a moment of seeing it. Words, letters, they always seem to be moved around even from recalling it. My trick, see the words as an image, not letters. I am still getting use to it. It helped me so greatly when I began acting. I’ve had people bust my hump about it too. “I hate you and your memory”, well why don’t you just enjoy a big “Go F*ck Yourself!”. Okay, maybe not that dramatic.

I have become “Hamlet”. Considered one of the hardest characters in written history. Great. Now I have to memorize this script filled with word after word, after word. Oh, and develop a character which has been portrayed by countless other actors. Who am I to take on this character? I’m far from a real actor. I am an entertainer. That’s who, what I am. I play music, I can tell a joke, I can write a story, and yes I can “act”; but I am an entertainer first and foremost. A master of none and a student of much. So what gives me the right to take this on? Life. I will become Hamlet. I will memorize every word standing before me and speak them!

Be remembered!

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  1. Hi Thomas. Now what was I going to comment about? It’s completely slipped my mind. Oh well. Have a great Valentine’s Day……….. with Katrina? Take care my friend. Ralph


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