This is an amazing interview from the one and only Doug Jones!

BBR Productions Inc,

Our company has a magazine. Every three months we post new interviews. Here is one of those interviews. Enjoy, and this month we’ll be posting on our website the updated interviews from newer people.

Doug Jones (Actor/Contortionist/Mime)

I met Doug Jones in person at an interesting festival. There I noticed something, Doug cared about the people coming over to him. It was there I realized his success was a mixture of talent and networking in a beautiful harmonious way. each person got his time. He understood what it meant to have people care enough to spend their hard earned money, and time, to a person bringing entertainment through media art.

Over the year since we have met, he was more than willing to allow me an opportunity to interview him. Being both a fan, and now a friend, I learned more than what I saw him as on screen. I…

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