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We learn so much from a teacher. Okay, that’s generalizing. Some teachers show us a lot, and most students can comprehend that knowledge. I’ve learned a lot from the teachers of this world. They may have been regular people in the world, or in a classroom; but I still learned a ton from them. Life is filled with experience. So, what better experience to learn, than to teach someone?

I have been helping people understand this business for years. Giving free seminars, or being hired to consult major clients with my company. The point is, I’ve learned more showing individuals how to do, than I learned almost doing. I am saying that doing is important, but teaching lends an additional perspective on life. When you are teaching people you are breaking down the fundamentals of that skill.

I started a free writing class every Wednesday at my company. Two weeks in and it has grown. I had one student say to me; “I wasn’t expecting this”. He later explained that he much enjoyed what he walked into. He thought it was just going to be people sitting around writing. I have a natural “Let me show you something more” mentality.

Therefore what I ended up doing for this class was ask a person where they are stuck, and taught the whole class how to break down that wall. Asking people in the class what they thought, or how to add to a subject. I feel I’ve grown from it as a writer, and those involved seemed very interested. I ended the class with homework assignments. Whatever their question was, I sent them off to write it. Break free of the wall.

Be knowledge.

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7 thoughts on “Teaching

  1. I have to say, Having attended your class, you have helped me considerably… you were able to pinpoint why i am stuck and I am working on the solution you recommended. Its a beautiful thing to be able and willing to share your knowledge base with people, to help break down those walls. You never cease to amaze me and those who know you. Keep up the Awesome! =)


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