I Dream My Death

Telmorn 27 I dream my death

(A third entry from the mind of Lord Telmorn Altayon. Follow his fears, his strengths… ~ Thomas J. Bellezza)

• I dream my death

I lay in merciless rest. Strung over in horrid nights. Sleeping, awake in my dreams, while finding tremors engaged tenderly against my fright. Cursed in witness of my past crimes. Reenacted are these sins of time. I can feel hands upon my throat, or blades deep within my soul. Her face watching me hang while the wind sways in control. My Godly reign laughs down upon me. “No rest, no sleep, no calm for your prison. Find your own peace when all your offense lay dormant.” These are words, like daggers, placed cunningly within my ears.

Restless nights. How I fear to close my eyes from recovery of my day. I have no nights, no light, no figure to wake my charm. All I hear, know, all I am, here now, I still am powerful no more. I am weak like your eyes gazed along this verse. I am sick as your heart beating, waiting to be caught unaligned. I have nothing to give, all I am is robbed of me. I was thought conjured to give meaning. Now I am questions, pleading to understand treason. Feather my whimpers along your breast. Let me lay mother without rest. Embraced are my thoughts in divine loss.

When I am no more, then all I am is forever. History knows nothing of my prints. Mortals sing songs without meaning. Their whispers of my name dead, dusted in fever. I am here for no prayer. I am here for my eyes. I am here for my status of a man. Watch, watch over them I am called to arms. Watch, watch their faces fearing darkness to fight until light is gone. Watch… watch time become words in endless pages of books burned in war, curdled in morality. I dream my death in her arms. I lay my death to you the world. Let me rest once more beyond your coward.

I dream my death…

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2 thoughts on “I Dream My Death

    • My friend, my dear fellow blogger Lorna, thank you kindly for your comment and words. Lord Telmorn Altayon is very dear to my heart. I love writing his thoughts. His past is so vast that I sometimes can’t keep up with it. I look forward to the day I finish a novel with him in it.


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