The Act of Doing

67 The act of doing
• The Act of Doing

I want, I want I want!!! Okay, what do I want? When I first started out I thought “I am awesome, I’ll be successful”. When I was about half the age between that and where I am now I screamed out “What the hell is going on, why is that crap on stage and I am off to the side… I am better than they are”. Then it happened. I stopped complaining. I stopped being filled with hate and an Ego. I let go of it and started looking, listening.

What did I look at? What people were doing to be where they are now. It’s amazing what you learn people are doing when you actually watch them. I don’t mean follow them around. I mean, research their efforts and success. Ask questions if it helps you come to a conclusion of what is going on. The idea is you’ll find out so much is missing from your life of habit. There is much one must do to succeed.

I learned that the hard way. The best way. I figured it out through failing. Ah, I love failing. Though, I also learned it through being humble. Once I brought my walls of Ego down I started really embracing life’s fun little game of possibilities. So, Do. The hardest part of doing is Doing. Now, watch, learn and take note of what people are doing and start doing. Or as I put it…. Make things happen by making things happen.

Be aware.

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