Failure is an option

66 Failure is an option
• Failure is an option

I learn from my failures. It’s the only place I have ever accomplished more. A bad joke on stage turning into a great joke with trial and error. Songs I’ve written getting worked out through playing-around with it. Failure leads to success. We learn through doing. I’ve learned a great many things by doing. Our greatest failure lead to us walking. We tried the first time and fell. So we crawled.

Our natural instinct was to try, try, try. If we must crawl, we’ll still get there, but WALK, then Run! Moral of the story as a child’s wisdom recommends; If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. I would like to add never give up. Get to your feet even if it takes ten years. Our efforts are based on our personal resilience. Why as a child do we fight forward to get to our feet, then as an adult we fall to our failures?

I did. I did for the first 23 years of my life. I walked a path within easy success. It got me nowhere. I practiced guitar incorrectly because it was easier without the metronome. I had to relearn the guitar, how fun. My failure turned into a life lesson. Take the correct way no matter how long it will take. So please learn to fail. Think of it like brainstorming, but with action!

Be true.

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8 thoughts on “Failure is an option

  1. Your courage is inspiring. Fearing to fail holds me back. I want life to be “perfect” knowing, though forgetting, the more we DO the more truly perfect LIVING becomes. What is it about fear? How does one forget it and be free in Time to Live. Failure is merely a label, the only true failure is to not learn, and the quickest way to learn is to make a mess. Thank you for your insight- I always seem to read on you blog exactly what Life is requesting of me. Many thanks.


    • 🙂 We see the things we most search for answers on. Thank you for reading the blog. Be fearful, it lets you know you are doing something brave. Maybe without an bow and arrow, but still fighting on into the unknown till you get through it then… it is known. Be you, be strong, be true.


    • The power of failure has always created such opportunity. Students have a little more life in school nowadays. When I was in school teachers were mean with their D’s and the such. Life is one wonderful teacher who says “It’s okay to have an F. Try again, we’ll make it work.”

      Of course, even those whose learn nothing from their failure are still learning something. 🙂


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