Do you feel better now?

65 Do you feel better now
• Do you feel better now?

6 people are in a room and some person who calls themselves a comedian. Blasting in the background is noise radiating throughout the open mic night. You can smell beer on each individual’s soul. Their sadness only reflecting on a need to out wait whomever the performer is at the time, till they can go up and do their thing. Even in a discerning moment they’ll never realize that this is their life.

You know what? It is all good. They are doing what makes them happy. Though, there is something a person could learn while “performing” at an open mic night; Respect. You never know who someone is or knows. The problem with most people is they just feel being rude is a way of building themselves up. You are being watched. You are being remembered. You are going to be placed on the blacklist.

It happens. You just think after you speak “Oh I got that person good”. Did you? The beauty of entertainment is you are 1 of a million people in the world trying to be what you think you are. I’ve learned a long time ago to accept this fact. I take pride in me being me. When the fish around me are swimming I smile because I am a part of something. We are never bigger than the world around us.

I love supporting my friends, and their ventures. However, I am not a fan of being personally attack over and over again by the same person. It is beneath me to reciprocate the rudeness, so I do what I do. I remember everything. I also try and place a thought of help into the world so I may reflect upon it with change, motivation, and direction. Growth from your fear, sadness, anger, and other emotions you get.

Be life.

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4 thoughts on “Do you feel better now?

  1. I admire you taking something so negative as heckling and turning it into something positive. Good for you. I just never understood people who have to lift themselves up by putting others down…


    • It’s important to me that I stay positive. Those who are sad in their lives have little to do with my purpose. I smile, and wish them well. I am there for them when they need a hand, or a smile, but they have to make the change inside their own being to find that truth self joy.


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