A New Year

64 A New Year
• A New Year

The first of the year. New Beginnings? People always saying “I will do this, or that” on the first of the year. We promise ourselves change on the first. Will they stick to it? Sometimes. Maybe a few days, maybe a week. What’s the point of a new year and that promise? I have never really been a fan of celebrating things. I’ve always looked at life as a celebration for each day. More so, I’ve not created a resolution in years. I’m always creating opportunities each week, day, even month when I find I am at a wall.

Since there are no walls, only solutions; I am continuously adding to my life resolutions. Where, when, why, how and who I am going to become today. I live by my S.M.A.R.T. Goals, which is fueled by my motivation. Some times, in this world of entertainment we become overwhelmed. Controlling your life is often forced into uncontrollable circumstances. People pulling you in twelve different directions. So many people want so much from you. Friends, family, clients, loved ones. Yet, where do we as an individual give ourselves that attention?

We do, in our actions. Am I really giving up my life to be pulled away because of people? Maybe. All I know is my partner is right. Some times you need a vacation or you’ll overwhelm your soul. So, here it is, this year I am going to take a vacation. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but for sure, I will be taking a vacation. Where to? Hell, maybe just a week off doing nothing. Since all I do is something. Do I deserve it? Doubtful. I did promise myself a life of work until I retire at a young age. Do I break that promise? Possibility. We’ll see.

I have reservations because I gave some power to others. When I sat back, just a little, I felt I was failing somewhere. It’s hard to trust in people when your motivation is at an untouchable level. Are they bad? To me, they are perfect for who they are. I stay away from judging. It’s not in my nature. What I do is take up the slack. I take everything on so it gets done. So, I will be reclaiming my top shelf actions and for those who follow, or work, great, but I must continue to be successful in my life the same way I have always…

Be constant.

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