Who is your favorite… blank?

63 Who is your favorite blank
• Who is your favorite… blank?

I have a TV series in the works for less than a year now. I am up to the third episode and still, I need two more before we can really get negotiations down. Anyone can write a script. In fact, anyone can do anything they want to do. Will it be good? Maybe. What makes it good? Who knows. All I know is, I’ve been writing these things and I’ve found that I have no problem letting the information out of my head. That’s the easy part. It takes me about sixteen hours to write an hour long show. It’s the editing that hurts. I am glad I have help.

Help. Help is important. Another person who is emotionally detached from your project. They are seeing your work with a different brain. So if they are confused at what you are presenting, I am sure others will be too. Obviously I know what I am writing about, but do others? So, help is important. The other thing is, doing. Doing is really the hardest part. Putting aside time, and the such. So, I’ve been doing script writing, comedy, acting, and playing music… so with all my doing, I always get asked this questions…

Who is your favorite… blank? I have always thought this question to make no sense. For me at least. Who am I to have a favorite? Hey, I enjoy things. Many things, but believe it or not, I may or may not like everything someone does. My mind tries to stay away from judging. If I think someone is my favorite then what happen to the people that are not my favorite? Why should they be ignored? I suppose, I am a supporter of people who are doing their craft. If a person is doing, then I like it. I may not enjoy it, or everything they do, but still.

When I see someone doing what they love I am so happy for them. To me, It is about those trying. So many want to do but are scared. To me, those people have already failed. They could, however, make a come back by trying. If we are talking business, Micheal Bay is a madman for successful outcomes. Lately, everything he touches makes a ton of money. Steven Spielberg has done 4 billion over his lifetime. Then-again, Martin Scorsese grossed just under a billion and he’s thirty-third on the list. Micheal Bay is FOURTH! Wow…

So who is your favorite… anything?

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