End of the world

61 End of the world
• End of the world

Great news, we are still all alive. Who knows what people really thought with our ends in mind. It gets you thinking. What do you want to do with your life? Are you doing it? Have you created steps to make your life happen? I think we should live as if the end is coming. Why? Well, it is going to end, in one way or another, for each of us. The Earth might be fine, but our fragile bodies can only take so much. Why give our bodies to a life we are not enjoying? I know what it is, you have no money. I got ya.

How about creating a budget to place your life into a direction you want? Have you ever heard of “placing all your eggs into one basket“? Or spend less than you save? I am certain most people have been told to invest. Though, the fear of investing is scarier than taking a chance at life… or is it? I remember when I was told the world was ending for me. I changed my whole life around and created the “bucket list”. What else did I do? I mean for an entertainer to be resilient, one must make sacrifices, but also, have a plan.

I created S.M.A.R.T. Goals. I invested my money. I also set forth a plan based on maintaining control. That’s the secret, maintaining control. Of course, the hardest part about all this, is the act of “doing”. Motivating yourself to do, is where I struggled in the beginning. Any human can want, but to do and get, well, that’s a whole other story. So how did I do it? What is the secret to my success? I create opportunities with my above list. I will let you all in on a little secret, place your money into three wonderful needsSecurityGrowth, and Dream.

Security; is a need to protect me when my invests might go bad, or if I am working less than enough to pay a bill off. So I place at least 20% of my earnings over expenses into this need. At the end of every month I make sure I do this. I turned it into a habit.

Growth; being another need for my purpose, I dedicated another 20% of my earnings over expenses into this need as well. Any money in here was for me to freely invest as needed. This was my way of creating income out of money working for me, while I could do the things I needed to do to become successful.

Dream; To own a theater. Well, not a theater, but a place that allowed me to be around entertainment, and also have the freedoms to do the things I loved. I saved 20% of my earnings over expenses into this as well. The smart part is I still do this, even though I am in the realm of my own success.

I know this is a long blog, but really, if the world was going to end, and we had a date for that ending, what would you have wanted to do before it ended? I would want to have lived a life I called my own. Make things happen by making things happen. If you are stuck with no money, or time, create that freedom with these 3 needs. Hell, save up enough money to support yourself for one full year, or even two years. Then, quit your job and make your life your job… Make your dream your life. It only gets better from here if you make the choice to take the chance! Peace in harmony.

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