A Bucket of Lists

60 A bucket of lists
• A Bucket of Lists

Some people make a nice long Bucket List. I, going above and beyond the normal amount sanity, have created a few bucket lists. A bucket of lists… or A bucket of bucket lists as one might put it. What does that mean? Well, over the years I have completed my original bucket list. Minus that one little trip to Ireland. I am working on it, okay! It is in my 5 year plan. So, I decided to come up with a list for different parts of my life. What kind of things? Well, a bucket list is kind of personal, but I will say this much.

Each item on the list is a great mental goal towards action. Action, the act of doing. I would like to accomplish certain things in each field of my life. More in the acting field, comedy, music, and so on. I also would like to see my company grow, as it is a part of my life. Ultimately, I want to see others grow. I want to inspire people around me to become what their dreams have been growing in them. Each person alive must have a right to their dreams coming true. In my opinion, anything that doesn’t hurt another person of course.

So what makes something worth doing? A desire to have it done. Where does this freedom come from? For me, I created opportunities through organizing my life into a little thing I call “The Triangle of Life”. Something I came up with to help me create a strong habit of doing. I follow each side to help me get where I am. Maybe one day I’ll show people how I did it, but for now, be constant. Create goals in life and make them happen by making them happen. This world is beautiful, keep your self motivated to see it. To a world of next year!!!

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