Letter of Reason

• Letter of Reason


A fellow blogger asked me to post some photos of a play I am in over at The Rose Theater. We have performed the play 3 times now. It is getting better with each go at it. With a steady crowd, I’ve learned a little from each of them after the performance. Some get the stories from the beginning. Others, more towards the end. What I like, is each person gets something different out of it.

2012-12-12_21-32-54_307I had one couple, a mixed couple, here last night watching the play. Since the play is about an old man from the 60’s who was in a mixed relationship, it gave me a nice sense of
direction. That I was giving more than a story about this subject. This man told me it made him think about his time growing up during the 60’s and 70’s. That was a great compliment to me.

I, myself was in a mixed relationship when I was in my early … oh yeah, entertainers stay away from age. I was younger than I am now. The relationship went on for a few years. I remember dealing with people looking at us in a bad way. I even remember one moment where we didn’t get served at a particular restaurant  Oh, fun times indeed. NOT… so, here you go, enjoy the photos.

Actor (Thomas J. Bellezza) – Character (Jacob)
Actor (Adam Ginsberg) – Character (Old Man)



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