Another year? Almost

57 Another year Almost

• Another year? Almost

A few more weeks till we’ll be in the year 2013. I’m pretty excited. When I was younger I would figure out which year it would be when I was 20. Of courses that year was… wait a minute, entertainers don’t give away their age. What have I learned this year? Friends are good to have around. They center you. They calm your needs and help relax your running brain. It’s good to laugh once in a while, so tight friends and family are important. I also learned that some friends are far from being friends. This is a lesson I keep learning. You figure out who is using you, and you just embrace it. They’ll only be around long enough to drain themselves of your resources. Which is okay by me. I’m still strong enough to keep moving forward.

One thing I did realize this year is; a growth comes from those around you. Yes, one must be strong enough to keep their motivation going, but ultimately, you need a group of trustworthy people. I have a pretty good team around me. A wonderful partner in business. A working crew that makes things happen under my direction. My entertainment career and personal company are growing in a nice steadily direction upward! Believe in those who have earned it. It’s very important to understand one person can only do so much. Let your guard down just enough to trust the trustworthy to handle certain things. I am already seeing a great year ahead of me, and so far, I’ve not even hit the first of 2013.

One other thing that you might find interesting to take with you; Be prepared. Have your list of life in front of you. Know what you want and go after it. Some people are always in prep mode. Learn to know when prep mode must turn into “Perform” mode. It is indeed a hard business out there to keep your life in the growth side. I have faith in me, and you. I hope my readers continue following my blogs, not for a narcissistic reason, but for a Growth reason. That we all learn something together. Maybe my thoughts will help inspire another human. Maybe I’ll be inspired by a “like, or comment” or even a new follower which would lead me to read an amazing blog. Let’s inspire each other for the next 365 days… oh and additional 27 days left to this year!

17 thoughts on “Another year? Almost

  1. I took a cue from Rommel who featured me on his blog. Now I feature a blog on almost every post. It has been a great experience. I try to include a brief description of the blog and a picture to raise interest, then lots of hyperlinks to that blog. It gets me into new sites, and brings more followers to me than I have time to visit frequently. I can see that you really enjoy your blogging experience. Happy holidays Marsha 🙂


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