Is it worth it?

• Is it worth it?

I’ve been living this life of entertainment since way before 97′. I remember finding art as a way to express myself. I also remember art becoming the last thing I wanted to do for a living. It’s a hard business. When I started out they really didn’t have computers and I found drawing was more of a personal pleasure. Was it worth it? No. To me, it was not worth the fight to draw for a living. It was worth it for me to draw for me. I found the written word and music. It has always been worth it in my mind to make a living through the written word and music. It has helped me fine my personal thoughts, connect with people and bring something for others to take with them. Is it worth it? Yes, yes it was and is!

One thing I have learned through working with groups of entertainers; Comedians, Actors, Directors, Musicians, even artists, etc. is how very few people get along. They might act nice around them. They might even play nice when working with one another. Are they all friends inside? I am going to say not as much as it should be to benefit everyone. I hear a lot from all these people about “Me, me, me, me!”. Rarely do I hear people speak in the “you” sense. This business grows when people work together. It’s about growth, money should be secondary. Money will come with effort, growth and relationships. When people fight each other, even behind the scenes, nothing gets done. Is it worth it? To me, no. Why do this if you’re fighting to be alone?

What is the worth if it all? I’ve asked to myself a lot. I’ll tell you, my lovely readers, it is worth it. I’ve met some many wonderful souls doing this. I’ve met a lot of douche-bags too. Hell, I am sometimes considered a douche-bag to people who don’t get me. I might just be forgetting that about others. I really try to like the douche-bags… I do, try. Back to hope. I love this business so much. Everyday I am learning something new about myself, people and the business. Make things happen by making things happen. That’s the secret. Is it worth it? Is it really worth it? The hard work, the headaches from douche-bags, the emotions of failing, everything comes with this life? Yes, yes it is. I am proud of what life I am living. One day at a time!

2 thoughts on “Is it worth it?

  1. Seems to me that in the entertainment business, people are fighting an internal battle. On the one hand, they have to be confident to promote their “product” (themselves) and on the other hand that product is difficult to define because it is shaped by the industry. Who is the real person behind the entertainer? Are they promoting themselves or the “personality?”

    Sheesh, I’d be a bit testy with others if I were constantly at war with myself…


    • I agree with you. The fighting within themselves must be difficult. Once they can see that there are two people inside them; The business, and the person not working that day, they will surely feel less stressed. In the beginning most entertainers see themselves as one thing. They must realize there are two parts. The person on stage is not the person behind the scenes working the business.

      This is a tough business. That’s why only a few people make it.


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